50 Cent Voiceover in Modern Warfare 2

WTF!!!? Does this mean the main character will be African-American? The hands on the demo videos are white… I just can’t see his style of speech matching a war game. (A rappers lingo in a game? WTF)

It will change the whole game…

For example:
“Attack on my command”
will now be:
“Yo bust a cap in their ass”

“Hit the ground, incoming fire”
will now be:
“Yo foolz be blasting, hit the deck”

“Requesting Support”
will now be:
“Yo hommies strap your glocks, bitches be fronting”

“Yes sir”
will now be:

“I am Special forces Agent X”
will now be:
“I don’t know what you heard about me, but I am a mother fucking P.I.M.P.”

To discuss this matter further please click on the image above.


6 Responses to “50 Cent Voiceover in Modern Warfare 2”

  1. hyhperhealer3 Says:

    While I’m sure this was meant in fun, you should be careful. Someone might misunderstand you or take your humor in the wrong light. I’m no fan of 50 cent and all, but I’m sure he’ll do a good job lending his voice to MW2. The publicity alone will lead to more sales and possibly new markets for Infinity Ward.

    Just a suggesstion.

  2. Openganny Says:

    hi all, i’m Boby

  3. This sucks !! NO RAPPERS IN THE GAME !!!

  4. C’mon, you can’t be serious. Sure, they chose 50 cent to do voice clips for this game, but do you think IW said, ’50, just get on there and say something!’ ? No, IW has scripted the whole thing out, every line of every dialogue. 50 is not doing ‘his own thing’ whatever it may be.

  5. As far as your lil comments go i think its uncalled for and would go as far to say “RACIST”. Who cares if he does a voice over or if the main guy is black. Is there a problem with Samel l Jackson????? The point is NOT funny.

  6. modernwarfare2forums Says:

    You guys are nuts.

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