Modern Warfare 2 Speed painting. Amazing video.

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True talent.


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Video – New.

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Direct-feed multiplayer MW2 CTF gameplay footage, uncut. Available for pre-order and releasing worldwide on November 10th, 2009.

Modern Warfare 2 Gun Maker – Make your own gun.

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Hardcore fans rejoice as there is now a way to kill the time waiting for the super popular game Modern Warfare 2. It’s called – MW 2 Gun maker. And it’s exclusively published on our forums. is currently running a contest for the best gun design. We encourage all Modern Warfare 2 fans to join in on the fun. Prizes will be handed out for the best design. Our simple online app will allow you to create your very own GUN!! Then snap a picture, post it on our forums and show off your gun-making skills. The application will run straight from your web-browser as it’s created in flash. For more information please visit: Gun MakerMW2FunnyGunz

Join in, its fun & easy – Just the way we like them 😀

Mad Catz reveals Modern Warfare 2 controllers for young (and old) snipers

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If Infinity Ward’s own Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for custom hardware, Mad Catz is ready to pick up the slack with no less than ten MW2-branded peripherals. The crown jewel to the set will be the Combat Controller, which will have a couple of extra buttons, but more importantly, is likely the controller Robert Bowling was tweeting about last month. Come this November, you’ll also be able to talk smack via a Throat Communicator on the 360 or a more mundane Bluetooth Headset on the PS3, add Skinz to your controllers and Microsoft console, and even your neglected PC can be enriched with an Elite Keyboard and Sniper Mouse combo. In other words – THE HYPE MACHINE IS IN FULL EFFECT.

Update: IGN has been first to preview the full plethora of goods, and we’ve got the video for you after the break (Thanks, quasar).


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Here is the full list of weapons:

Assault Rifles
FAMAS – Bushmaster ACR – M16 – AK-47 – Steyr AUG A2 – Imbel MD3 – FN 2000 – G36C – M4 – MK. 14 EBR – G3 – TAR-21 – FN SCAR – FN FAL

Sniper Rifles
SVD Dragunov – Walther WA2000

Sub-Machine Guns
FN P90 – UMP .45 – TDI Kriss – H&K MP5

Franchi SPAS-12 – W1200 – Armsel Striker 12 Guage – Remington 870MCS – Winchester 1887 – AA-12

Light/Heavy Machine Guns
RPD – MK46 – AUG HBAR-T – MG4 – M240

USP .45 – Glock 18/22 – M1911 .45 – Desert Eagle or Baby Eagle

Combat Knife – Ice Picks

C4 – Frag Grenade – Stun Grenade – Smoke Grenade – Semtex

Gun Attatchments
Red Dot Sight – Heartbeat Sensor – ACOG – Silencer – EOTech Sight – Thermal Scope – Master Key

Grenade Launchers
GP-25 Grenade Launcher – M203 Grenade Launcher – AT4 Rocket Launcher (Heat Seaking/Lock-On)

Riot Shield

Not bad but nothing impressive !!!!!!! WE WANT MORE 😀

50 Cent Voiceover in Modern Warfare 2

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WTF!!!? Does this mean the main character will be African-American? The hands on the demo videos are white… I just can’t see his style of speech matching a war game. (A rappers lingo in a game? WTF)

It will change the whole game…

For example:
“Attack on my command”
will now be:
“Yo bust a cap in their ass”

“Hit the ground, incoming fire”
will now be:
“Yo foolz be blasting, hit the deck”

“Requesting Support”
will now be:
“Yo hommies strap your glocks, bitches be fronting”

“Yes sir”
will now be:

“I am Special forces Agent X”
will now be:
“I don’t know what you heard about me, but I am a mother fucking P.I.M.P.”

To discuss this matter further please click on the image above.

No More Prestige Edition – SHOCKING NEWS FOR FANS.

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In spite of apparent demand for the prestigiousness edition of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling’s assured IGN that no more are to be made after the initial run.

“We’ve already been asked by retail merchants to up the production numbers due to demand, which we straight off denied,” he said.

“We decided from the beginning that we want this to be for the loyal fans and early adopters.

“The fact that it is actually limited is one of the coolest parts, which is why we’ve individually numbered every copy.”

This has to be the “dumbest” move I have heard of. When something is popular and is making money KEEP DOING IT. You will make the fans happy, and the income can improve the studios next game releases. More money to play with = Better Games.

This is truly sad news for those kids who were putting away money to purchase the Prestige Edition. I can just see the eBay auctions now: “Prestige Edition – Buy It Now 1000 USD”