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Modern Warfare 2 Theme xBox 360 Mod – Sneak Peak

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For more information and High resolution photos visit:
Modern Warfare 2 Modded xBox Coverage Thread
This is not the Elite edition. This video shows a unique, one of a kind xBox 360 mod that will be for sale soon. The video only shows the face plate. Full reveal on October 5th.


Modern Warfare 2 xBox 360 Bundle

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MW2 Xbox

This is no shocker !!!

Microsoft is known for big news. From their exclusive GTA:LC downloads to a custom made xBox 360. The Modern Warfare 2 theme looks quite nice and is sure to be a sell out.

While the new game Forza 3 set is still an unconfirmed listing, there’s no denying the Xbox 360 has just upped its storage capacity options with a massive 250GB HDD bundle clad in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 series. The asking price is $399.99 and that includes the game and two sleek black wireless controllers.  Joystiq have conjured up some images of the packaging as well as some shakycam footage of the debut from a LA press event, seen after the break.

Update: It’s now available for pre-order care of Amazon. Oddly enough it lists only Composite A/V cables for input — what gives Microsoft, no love for Component? You can save by pre-ordering on our forums. Free shipping is included. Click here for more information.

More Information:

Microsoft and InfinityWard just announced the availability of a Modern Warfare 2 themed Xbox 360 console at a press event in LA. Included in this “limited edition” $399 package is: a 250GB Xbox 360 console, with the  Modern Warfare 2 markings (the so-called “Super Elite”); two wireless controllers, presumably also apparently not Modern Warfare 2-themed (though, notably, not Mad Catz’s officially licensed wired controllers); and, lastly, a “standard edition” copy of Modern Warfare 2. No matter how you do the math, that’s a good deal. As most of us know, the only thing that moves more consoles than “a good deal” is “a good deal” that includes the words “modern,” “warfare,” and “two” somewhere in the title. This will only help InfinityWard to launch their game into the biggest game release, ever.

Major Nelson says it’s the “standard edition” of the game and Amazon, in addition to not listing a WiFi adapter (we won’t quit complaining, Microsoft! You have to cave in !!), specifies that the bundle only includes a “Composite A/V cable.” The only other detail we’ve gathered is that you’ll be able to preorder like you’ve got a pair beginning “today” – Amazon has the listing right here. If you’re hungry for any more details you can watch our shakicam videos of the big reveal and what’s in the box. I cannot believe that for that amount of money they are still stiffing customers out of an HDMI cable. When will this end? Is the HDMI cable really that expensive to include in the package? While the modded MW2 xBox360 is cool, Microsoft fails at delivering a full system.