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Call of Duty Branding rises Modern Warfare 2 Purchase Interest

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It’s astonishing how 3 trivial words can cost so much profit, but that appears to be the case with the entire Modern Warfare 2 calling fiasco. In what comprises most likely Activision’s endeavour to produce 2 franchises, the renaming of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Modern Warfare 2 and back again has brought about fascinating results.

At 1st, the re brand appeared to harm sales and interest. And so what does Activision do? They name it back once again. In executing so, interest in the title as if by magic goes up once again. But if you think that’s the end of the saga, you are painfully misguided.

The most recent data from Nielsen’s videogame tracking service expresses that the title “benefits considerably from affiliation with its multi-platinum parent franchise Call Of Duty.”

Nielsen compared consumer response to the game a week earlier and a week later the name change. “Aided awareness” of the title made up 94 per cent post name change, while “definite interest in purchasing” rose by 64 per cent and “absolute favorable interest in buying” by 65 per cent.

The recently announced Prestige Edition and the Hardened Edition of the game still miss the Call of Duty branding, leaving the only remaining version with the CoD branding as your normal vanilla package. Moreover – personal computer users will not even get the alternative to buy any special edition with trinkets, but instead are cursed with their plain cardboard box.

And so why all the discrepancy? My hypothesis is that Activision and Infinity Ward know that gamers who buy the Modern Warfare 2 special editions already interpret the brand. There’s no need to hang on the CoD name. This kind of assigns MW2 as a transition game for the brand name, as the everyday consumer commonly abides by the hardcore. I guess only time and Modern Warfare 3 will tell what the next game is called.


COD: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Video

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By now you might have heard about it, Robert Bowling announced he was about to shoot multiplayer videos. We will report back on it as soon as we get it. Please follow this story on our forums: Modern Warfare 2 Forums – Click Here