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No More Prestige Edition – SHOCKING NEWS FOR FANS.

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In spite of apparent demand for the prestigiousness edition of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling’s assured IGN that no more are to be made after the initial run.

“We’ve already been asked by retail merchants to up the production numbers due to demand, which we straight off denied,” he said.

“We decided from the beginning that we want this to be for the loyal fans and early adopters.

“The fact that it is actually limited is one of the coolest parts, which is why we’ve individually numbered every copy.”

This has to be the “dumbest” move I have heard of. When something is popular and is making money KEEP DOING IT. You will make the fans happy, and the income can improve the studios next game releases. More money to play with = Better Games.

This is truly sad news for those kids who were putting away money to purchase the Prestige Edition. I can just see the eBay auctions now: “Prestige Edition – Buy It Now 1000 USD”