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Modern Warfare 2 Information – Reloaded !! What do we know so far.

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Modern Warfare 2 Info:

Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) is an upcoming FPS video game developed by InfinityWard and published by Activision for Microsoft Windows, PS 3, and Xbox 360. Officially announced on February 11, 2009, the game is due for worldwide release on 11/10/09. It is the sixth installment of the Call of Duty series, and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, continuing along the same storyline.

Modern Warfare 2 will be released in conjunction with two other Call of Duty games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized for the Nintendo DS/DSi, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a port game of Call of Duty 4 adapted by Treyarch for the Nintendo Wii console. Also, a comic book series based on one of the game’s characters will also be produced, entitled Modern Warfare 2: “Ghost”. The developer has stated that the game’s proprietary InfinityWard 4.0 game engine is much better over the engine used in its previous game.

Modern Warfare 2 PC EditionModern Warfare 2 Gameplay Information:


In response to questions about the length of the single-player campaign,(as we all remember how short the 1st edition was) Infinity Ward CCO Jason West stated that Modern Warfare 2 would not be longer than the 6-10 hour-long campaign of Call of Duty 4. Mission settings in the game will include Russia, a military base in Kazakhstan, a desert area in Afghanistan (green zone anyone?), and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. New features include the ability to dual wield handguns.(I cannot wait !!)

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer:

Modern Warfare 2 will feature a cooperative mode (woo hoo, about time) entitled Special Ops, which consists of independent missions similar in design to the “Mile High Club” epilogue mission from Call of Duty 4.These missions will take place in a variety of locations from the campaign mode, but are related to story of the campaign itself. Special Ops supports cooperative play for up to two players,and can be played alone, in split-screen locally with another player, or online with another player. It includes such scenarios as a snowmobile race, a battle alongside U.S. Navy SEALs, and fending off a wave of 50 enemies at once. (drools !!)

Special Ops is divided into separate packs of missions with changeable difficulty levels. (You will not survive mode, you up for it?) The third group, “Charlie”, includes the mission “Breach and Clear”, where the objective is to just make it to the end of the level. At the beginning of a mission, players select what weapon to use from several scattered around a room before the actual mission commences. Once a choice has been made, a nearby wall is breached and the mission begins. At the end of each mission, a statistics screen displays how long the player took to complete the level and how many kills were scored. Successfully completing a mission earns the player stars, with missions completed on Veteran difficulty rewarding up to three stars. These stars can be used to unlock further missions in the mode. This sounds so cool. I simply cannot wait any longer !!!

Call of Duty MW2 - PS3 VersionOnline
Gameplay in the Modern Warfare online multiplayer mode

The online multi-player mode of Modern Warfare 2 retains the same awesome experience points and unlockable reward system of COD4, but also introduces several brand new features. Aside from new weapons and cool equipment, over 15 different kill streak rewards can be unlocked and selected by the gamer. Among these is the ability to receive a supply drops after four kills, a predator missile strike (this will be epic) after 5 kills, and to call in a strike by an AC-130 gunship after achieving 11 enemy kills in a row. (I cannot wait to see how this reward will un-balance the game) It is also now possible to upgrade perks to a “pro version”. Another new addition to online multiplayer, is in game host migration, which means that if the match host leaves the game, players will remain (instead of being reset to the game lobby like in Call of Duty 4) while a new host is selected and the game resumes. Overall I like the new features. Hopefully everyting will pan out in the gamers favor.

Modern Warfare 2 Plot
Riding a snowmobile in “Cliffhanger” – Does life get any better?

Modern Warfare 2 is set several years after the conclusion of COD4. The radical Russian  organization has returned to prominence under the leadership of Vladimir Makarov, a former associate of Imran Zakhaev with his own ambitions. Makarov has publicized Zakhaev’s death as an act of martyrdom to garner support for his cause, enabling him to build a strong power base in Russia over the years. Fearful of Makarov’s growing influence, the global community established Task Force 141 to counter the threat posed by the resurgent Ultranationalists.

An early campaign mission called “Cliffhanger” was demonstrated during E3 2009, following the player character Sergeant Sanderson as he and Captain MacTavish infiltrated a Russian base in the Tian Shan mountain range in Kazakhstan and escaped on snowmobiles.

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige EditionRetail versions
The contents of the Prestige Edition

Modern Warfare 2 will be released in 3 different retail versions across the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 platforms: standard, Hardened, and Prestige. The standard version consists of the game and instructional manual, and will be the only version available for the Microsoft Windows platform. The Hardened Edition consists of the game and manual packaged in a steel book case, an art book, and a token to download the original Call of Duty from Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Store. The Prestige Edition contains all of the elements of the Hardened Edition, but will also include fully-functioning night vision goggles imprinted with the Modern Warfare 2 logo and a stand modeled after the head of character “Soap” MacTavish.

So in conclusion Modern Warfare 2 has the potential to be Best Game of 2009. The unbelievable response from fans has been amazing. cannot keep their self stocked as pre-orders are selling our left and right. Some retail locations are opening at midnight just to satisfy the hardcore gamers. The hype machine for Modern Warfare 2 is in full effect. Now the ball is in InfinityWards court. Will they deliver? History has shown us that many of sequels turned out to be flops. Hopefully that will not be the case with Modern Warfare 2. For more information on the latest news please visit our forums: